Janet Mitchelson- September 2023

"Dr. Pham cared for all 3 of our kiddos! He is so patent, kind & understanding. He assisted with everything, every step of the way! I can't say enough great things."

Tami Garlinger - November 2021

"Dr Pham and his staff are wonderful. They always great you with a smile. They made this a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend Dr Pham to others. thank you for your wonderful work."

Chrissy Short - September 2021

"We've had nothing but wonderful experiences during every visit. Very efficient work, nice staff and clean facility. On to the next child for another experience!"

Sierra Tabor - August 2021

"I'm very sad to be getting my braces off and not see the office often anymore. I love all of the staff here. They watched me grow up and I'm so thankful for them."

Jeni Zoganas - July 2021

"We have been so happy with everything and everyone. The team has always been pleasant and welcoming. Dr Pham is the kind but "tough" voice my son needed for compliance. Thank You everyone!

Scott Mettle - May 2021

"Pinnacle Orthodontics was a great place for the kids braces. Very clean, friendly and always available. Multiple times we had an issue after hours or on a weekend & they went above and beyond to help!"

Sarah Brazier - April 2021

"Thank you so much for your expertise Dr Pham. this is my second child who has now had braces. I plan on scheduling my 3rd child for braces as well. the staff is courteous, kind & Dr. Pham knows his field so well! he is outstanding! Thanks!"

Nathan Flower - March 2021

"Best Dr and Staff around that treat you like family!"

Andrea Kelly - February 2021

"We have been seeing Dr Pham since my son was 10. he spent five years carefully prepping my son's mouth for braces - not once did he want to put braces on prematurely, which would've caused the need for a 2nd set.  Dr Pham's office truly has the patients needs in mind and puts them before money! My son has his braces on for almost 2 years and his braces on for almost 2 years and his teeth look great!"

Jennifer Holley - February 2021

"Dr. Pham and his amazing staff made our experience wonderful! I recommend Pinnacle Orthodontics to anyone looking! One of my favorite experiences is the fact of Dr Pham's honesty with evaluation of when braces should start and he waits until  they are old enough that you should only need to do this once."

Melisha Stiffler - January 2021

"We are so glad to have been referred to Pinnacle Orthodontics! The staff is friendly, respectful and so patient with my children. They have given my daughter a beautiful smile."

Chantel Jonas - December 2020 

"Dr. Pham and the ladies in the office are phenomenal! These past few years were amazing. I felt warm and welcomed every visit and every phone call. I am pleased with my results and will absolutely recommend Dr. Pham."

Kelly Day - November 2020

"Pinnacle Orthodontics is an excellent place to have all of your orthodontic work taken care of for your family. We are grateful to Dr. Pham and his staff who have taken wonderful care of our teeth and smiles."

Rebecca Yanity - September 2020

"Dr. Pham and his staff have always been friendly and helpful. They have provided great care and have always been available for after hours care or emergency appointments."

Greg Fleisher - August 2020

"Great experience with all three of my children. Would highly recommend Dr. Pham."

Dawn Plants - July 2020

"Pinnacle Orthodontics did an amazing job with both my children's teeth. The staff is always so welcoming and we never had trouble scheduling appointments. We would highly recommend!"

Parker Bennett - June 2020

"I'm extremely happy with the results. The staff members were well equipped and connect well with parents including myself."

Aleah Laitham - February 2020

"This office is great! I'm happy to get my braces off, but I will miss coming to my appointments and seeing everyone!"

Madeline Morel - February 2020

"I loved this place. The staff and Doctor Robert always made me feel comfortable and my son is going to be the next one to have his braces on."

Lia Easler - November 2019

"Dr. Pham provided phenomenal service and a thorough treatment plan for my daughter. As a result, she has a fantastic smile AND my son is less nervous about his upcoming, treatment plan."

The Hill Family - October 2019

"We are so pleased with the service that we received from Dr. Pham, all three of our children have had orthodontic treatment from this office. Dr. Pham is very professional & he has been great over the past 7 years. Thank You!"

Nicole Downey - September 2019

"Our first session, it was decided to wait until Sam's mouth developed. I was happy to wait while others wanted to jump the gun. Also, he saved Sam's tooth from being pulled altogether."

Tara Sciacca - August 2019

"The Sciacca Family has had such a great experience with Dr. Pham and the entire staff through our orthodontics journey! We love the results and will certainly recommend to all of our family and friends!"

Phyllis Pini - May 2019

"Thank you for always making us feel welcome and for going above and beyond to make Karly's smile perfect!! Awesome!!"

Kristin Schilling - April 2019

"Dr Pham and his friendly, knowledgable staff made our experience Exceptional. My Daughter has a beautiful smile and we are very happy with the results. Financial arrangements were clear and affordable, and appointments were always on time. We will be returning this summer to begin treatment for our younger daughter."

Michelle Williams - March 2019

"I suffered from TMJ disorder for years. Not only did Dr Pham align my bite, he provided education and tools to relieve my TMJ pain. I'm very pleased to say my symptoms decreased drastically. The office team members are fantastic! They really Make you feel like family. Highly Recommend!"

Valerie Blair - January 2019

"Dr Pham did and excellent job with our daughters teeth and showed genuine concern for her overall well being - even went above and beyond to help us while he was on vacation."

Jaime Carpenter - December 2018

"This was a great experience overall! I came in very insecure with my smile and now I can't stop smiling! Thank you!"

Ms. Vanhorn - November 2018

"My girls have seen Dr Pham for years and we have never had a bad experience. The staff here is caring and always cheerful. Both of my girls teeth are looking great and we are so pleased."

Karen Cowan - October 2018

"Highly recommend Dr Pham and his office. The initial consultation was very informative and the treatment & payment plan was outlined in detail. We knew the status of her progression after each appointment. Dr Pham is great with the kids, as well as with parents. He is direct, when needed, yet relates well to the kids. The office staff is amazing, so friendly and flexible with schedules and we get reminders for every appointment."

Ms. Wright - September 2018

"Amari's self esteem has sky rocketed. We have had an amazing experience with Pinnacle. Every step of the way."

Danielle Cassanos - August 2018

"The staff is always professional and willing to work within our schedule. They always explain the treatment and assist with brushing."

Theresa Reyes - July 2018

"Dr Pham and staff are absolutely wonderful, professional and friendly at all times. Always willing to answer questions. Wait times for appointments are minimal. We would definitely recommend Pinnacle Orthodontics."

Wendy Glass - May 2018

"Dr Pham has treated 3 of my children and myself. We are very happy with the treatment outcomes and the entire experience. Kudos   to Dr Pham and his wonderful staff."

Cathy Kellenberger - March 2018

"My daughter had two rounds of braces with three different orthodontists (due to long distance moves) & Dr Pham and team made the continuation of her treatment seamless & painless. We don't have a single complaint!"

Jamie McCune - February 2018

"I chose Dr Pham's office from the providers my insurance listed. He wa one of the few private practices my insurance covered. I could not have asked for better service. After 26 months I feel like family. Dr Pham always took the time to educate me on treatment, dental and overall health. I am very happy with my new smile. My son and I started our treatment together. I am completely satisfied!"

Adrienne Wilson - January 2018

"Dr. Pham is wonderful! Very professional and very knowledgeable! His staff has also been caring and very helpful. We even moved 30 minutes away and continued to drive to Pickerington just to be seen by Dr. Pham. You will be in great hands with this practice."

Keshia Upchurch - December 2017

"This is my second child to have braces and with both treatments Dr Pham's knowledge was impeccable and the staff was always really professional."

Shoshana Grambo - November 2017

"I was nervous about the entire experience beforehand, but upon completion of the entire process I realized that it was all super easy when guided by caring and competent professionals!"

John Pretak - October 2017

"Excellent work. the entire Pinnacle Staff was pleasant and attentive. Highly recommended."

Carina Motler - July 2017

"Everyone is very friendly and the Doctor is very knowledgeable and takes his time explaining everything to me and my son. Not just about the money, which is rare."

Nicholas Fleischer - June 2017

"A Difficult decision to make as an adult, but completely worth it. i didn't think my teeth were so bad until I saw what they could be. I also suggest the palate expansion if recommended, It will make a huge difference!"

Rhonda Anderson - May 2017

"The staff is very friendly. We never waited more than five minutes for our appointment and the Christian atmosphere is very welcoming."

Tracy Zullo - April 2017

"Dr Pham is awesome! He is fair and honest. The staff is always professional and friendly. Customer service is excellent! Thank You All."

Jennifer McCoy - February 2017

"Dr. Pham made a great impression on my family by getting to know us. I love the friendly staff and the next to no wait times."

Donna Alexander - January 2017

"Dr. Pham and his staff are a group of professionals, was able to work a miracle with my smile. I am so happy and grateful I was referred to his office to provide Orthodontic services. They are the best. Dr. Pham is not only knowledgable, but a perfectionist. 100% satisfied!"

Tom Bellamy - November 2016

"I can't say enough good things about Dr. Pham and his staff.  Highly Recommended!"

Don Miller - October 2016

"We had a great experience with Dr. Pham and all staff members. Easy to make appointments and always friendly. I would recommend this office."

Anod Hasson - Septmember 2016

"I won't miss having braces, but I will miss seeing the very friendly and welcoming staff every 6 weeks"

Maureen Marsico - August 2016

" Dr Pham's office is wonderful. We have entrusted Dr Pham with all 4 of our children's orthodontic treatment and have been very satisfied."

Gretchen Murtha - June 2016

"We were very pleased with the results. Dr Pham is kind and treats my daughter like his own"

Mindy Trout - May 2016

"Dr Pham does beautiful work. Both of our girls have gone through braces with Pinnalce, so now it was my turn.  Thrilled with the results!"

Elizabeth Crabtree - April 2016

"I was nervous about getting braces as an adult. I had them as a child and do not cherish those memories. But Dr Pham and his staff were so warm and thorough. It was a pleasure to work with them."

Jamanda Blanden - February 2016

"Since I became a patient at Pinnacle Orthodontics I was always treated with care and respect. Everyone was always so nice to me and cared about me overall as a person and my well being. I love Dr. Pham and his staff!

Segen Yohannes - January 2016

"I adore this office, everybody is so kind. They made my braces experience a breeze!"

Danyelle Swafford - Decemeber 2015

"Very friendly and helpful staff. Everyone made us feel welcomed and comfortable."

Lisa Caudill Fitzpatrick -September 2015

"Dr Pham and his staff are the best! Very professional on how they run the office and they care about each individual and treat you like family. I highly recommend this office."

Zach Deets - August 2015

"Both of my kids have had braces done by Dr Pham and we can't thank him enough for this. they both have a million dollar smile now!"

Linda Hearn - July 2015

"If anyone is lacking for family oriented environment to entrust your child for orthodontics, Dr Pham's office is the place."

Andrea Glass - June 2015

"This have been a wonderful experience. Dr Pham and staff makes it comfortable to be in the office, and they are very friendly, work with you. I would recommend this office to anyone."

Mikayla Zielke - April 2015

"Dr Pham used innovative treatment for my daughter. Her correction has been a long process and the appliance used made it easier for her."

Jourdan Sanders - February 2015

"Pinnacle Orthodontics is such a great place with even better staff.  It's in a great location, I always tell people looking for orthodontics that this is definitely the place to go!  I've had such a good experience."

Derek Hurst Sr. - January 2015

"I had my oldest son Derek Jr. and Jacob here and when Denise is ready she will come here.  Even with the 50 minute drive - you're that good."

Jenell Ihm - October 2014

"I came to Dr. Pham as an adult who should have had surgery to correct my problem.  Dr. Pham was able to correct my bite by orthodontics very effectively.  I am very pleased with the way my teeth turned out."

Tim Moore - August 2014

"Dr. Pham and his staff are the nicest and most professional in the business. Our whole family has gone to him because of our great experience."

Jenny Gritter - May 2014

"Seven plus years and three sets of individial braces later (Both of my daughters and myself), We now consider Dr. Pham and Staff Family!"

Brandon Fields - March 2014

"Pinnacle Orthodontics provided me with excellent care & treatment.  The entire staff was beyond kind and helpful. The facility was very clean and provided a warm and comfortable atmosphere, and wonderful Christian music playing."

Karen Vipperman - January 2014

"The Transformation in my daughter's teeth have been amazing to watch. Dr. Pham and his staff have always been courteous, professional, and understanding throughout this process.  We will be back if any of the other children are in need of services."

The Kane Family - November 2013

"Although I realize Gracie getting her braces off doesn't mean the end of her treatment, it seemed like a perfect time to say thank you for all your hardwork, professionalism & compassion.  Our family appreciates everything you have done to help Gracie (and Ethan too) achieve a beautiful smile!"

Joann Simpkins - October 2013

" We were frustrated to find out that our insurance coverage changed and our daughter was not able to go to her previous orthodontist.  However, after the very first visit, we were relieved and very excited that Dr. Pham was our daughter's new orthodontist!! We love the staff and Dr. Pham.  They treat us like family!"

Dawnn Tackett - September 2013

"We had a great experience with Dr. Pham and his staff! The entire team is friendly and helpful.  I would highly recommend this office to anybody that asked."

Cheryl Beddow - August 2013

"Dr. Pham is a perfectionist and this is so important when you are dealing with the most inmportant part of your child's face - their smile!"  This has been a great experience because the people have been great - almost feel like family.

January Almaguer - July 2013

"Dr. Pham and Staff are very friendly, helpful 7 knowledgeable.  They have seen me through 3 years of braces and we are currently treating my daughter.  We are very happy.

June Lomax - May 2013

"Service was outstanding. Dr. Pham and his staff are very professional.  I would recommend their office to anyone seeking help finding a great orthodontist."

Deborah Robinson - April 2013

"We Chose Dr. Pham because the office was friendly, small and felt personal - we felt like the staff knew us & took a personal interest."

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